Lactation Consultant

Lactation Consultant

Dr Alexia Chisholm is a GP and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) offering appointments for antenatal discussion of breastfeeding and all postnatal breastfeeding and infant feeding concerns, including tongue tie treatment.

The clinic is run at Merivale Medical Practice, 236 Papanui Rd. Appointments available Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Patients can phone directly to make an appointment on (03) 355 7262.



Antenatal assessment (15 mins) $98
Make a plan prior to birth to ensure breastfeeding gets off to a good start. Most suitable for first time mothers. For prior breastfeeding problems, induced lactation or advice in the setting of medical problems please book a long appointment.

Breastfeeding assessment (45 mins) $200
Full breastfeeding assessment. This is a comprehensive appointment where your baby will have a full oral assessment and a breastfed will be observed. Suitable for help with any breastfeeding concerns you have.

Frenotomy $270
Treatment for tongue tie. This is done with sterile scissors and is a quick procedure which your baby will normally tolerate well. *Requires full breastfeeding assessment prior to booking or referral from another lactation consultant.

Follow up appointment (30 mins) $120
Follow up and ongoing management of breastfeeding, sleeping, feeding problems.

Further Information:

Problems we deal with include:

  • Painful nipples
  • Problems latching on
  • Low milk supply
  • Oversupply of milk
  • Tongue and lip tie assessment
  • Frenotomy (tongue tie treatment), including post operative follow up and support
  • Advice and information on medications (mother or baby)
  • Concerns about weight gain
  • Sleep concerns
  • Mastitis / blocked ducts / nipple infection
  • Fussiness / unsettled babies including reflux and allergies
  • Expressing / pumping and returning to work